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Why PJT Couriers should be your same day courier service provider.


Choosing a courier service provider and terms of service can be quite involving especially if you have to choose the duration of the parcel and the amount of costs involved. The longer you have to wait for the parcel, the cheaper the courier cost. For some people, it may seem quite luxurious to choose a same day courier service. However, it may not be luxury depending with the efficiency of the service that you would get. There are situations that would bring about more sense in opting for same day courier services. Some of these situations are;

1. Sending large parcels;the cost of sending a parcel is dependent on the weight, size of the parcel and the distance of the delivery. In many cases, you may find that sending a large parcel may be quite cheap if you send it using same day couriers unlike an overnight delivery. It is thus very important to ask your courier company the cost involved in sending the parcel. If these parcels are parked in pallets, which PJT Same Day Couriers would advice, it becomes easier and cheaper to go for the same day delivery.

2. Fragile/precious cargo; when you want to send something precious or fragile, you would not trust an overnight courier service as it may not be worth the risk. Also, fragile cargo would probably be damaged if delivered through the normal courier service. Probably it would be thrown, squashed and no matter how well you park it, the risk of the cargo being damaged is high. Opting for a same day courier for delivery of your cargo would ensure that the driver of your dedicated vehicle would know that the contents of the cargo are precious and/or fragile thus handling them with utmost care and attention.

3. If the cargo is needed urgently;when you consult a courier service like PJT couriers, it is possible that you would want your goods delivered within certain duration of time and the only way that would guarantee that the parcel reaches in time is by going for same day couriers. The next day courier services do not always guarantee that you will get the parcel in time. This is also the case if the cargo in transit in needed by your client and you have to keep up with the client’s time. It gives you time to assure your clients that they would get the cargo in a specific time and gives both parties a peace of mind.

4. The sensitivity of the documents;there are documents that need to be handled with utmost care and this can only be achieved by using a same day courier service provider. Documents such as passports, title deeds, legal documents, etc. need so much care especially if it would be next to impossible to be replaced should they get lost in the transit. 

Above are just some of the reasons you would opt for a delivery to be made within a day. And when deciding on a courier company that would not disappoint, I would recommend PJT couriers.

PJCOURIERS recognises the crucial role that express delivery plays in the success of your business. Our aim is to provide you and your clients with a fast effective Courier service of the highest standard.

Once our same day courier has delivered your consignment you will be contacted by us giving the name of the person who signed for your goods along with the time the delivery was made. This can be by phone,email,or text whichever you prefer.




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